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Our Story

The Lazar Family recipe has been celebrated for more than 70 years. Originating in Europe, our famous Swiss-style blend dates back to Grandpa David Lazar, who brought his sweet secrets to downtown Manhattan, where he founded Eee-Laine Chocolates of Cortland Street and Evelyn’s on John Street.

Today, Richard and his two sons, Marc and Jeff, continue to carry on the family tradition at Lazar’s Chocolate, with stores located in Great Neck and Wheatley Plaza.

Upholding the family tradition for quality and excellence, Rich, Marc and Jeff hand-dip and hand-select each piece of homemade chocolate with the utmost precision and care. From our "world famous" nut patties to showcases filled with caramels, buttercrunch, barks, marshmallows and more, our customers have grown to appreciate not only the unbeatable taste of our age-old recipes, but the impeccable standards to which we hold every item on our shelves.