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  • I live in the DC area and became familiar with your chocolate in an unusual way. A wonderful elderly couple lives a few doors down from me. I watch out for them, doing small tasks and helping them in various ways. They have a son who lives in New York. As a gesture of thanks, their son has twice brought me Lazar's dark chocolate with almonds. WOW! This is the best chocolate on earth!

    Michael Cregge Alexandria, Va
  • We have been buying Lazar's chocolate for years and it is by far the best chocolate. No one makes milk chocolate pecan patties like Lazar's- to die for! The dark chocolate marshmallows are incredible! We could go on and on- the butter crunch, chocolate grahams, etc. The ingredients are so fresh and are of the highest quality. The Lazar family is so nice to deal with and they have never disappointed us.

    Barbara Robin New York City
  • Lazar's Chocolate not only provides top notch quality chocolates that are out of this world delicious but the service they provide is even more outstanding. Recently I placed an order for a very important event but wasn't able to make it to the shop before it closed. You can imagine the wave of panic I felt knowing that I needed this order to be ready for 8am the next morning. Lazar's saved my life when they were nice enough to open the store after closing so I was able to get my order. I cannot thank the owners of Lazar's Chocolate enough for their help! You just gained a customer for life! :)

    Olivia Great Neck
  • My first experience with Lazar's was today (Valentine's day 2014) one of the busiest days of the year for a chocolate shop and with my last minute order the staff at Lazar was able to deliver today within minutes. That's amazing. Thank you for making this happen with such short notice on the biggest day of the year. You guys are great!!!! Not to mention the chocolate was scrumptious.

    Thanks Jean

    Jean Queens, Ny
  • I order Lazar's Chocolate for my mother (she is in love with their maple cremes). My last delivery date was during a particularly hot week here in Nashville and I received a personal phone call from them asking if they could delay shipment a few days because they didn't want the chocolates to melt. I was so impressed that they personally called and were concerned that we would have the best product available. I work in customer service and I use this as my first and most impressive customer service experience!

    Randy Clinker Nashville Tn
  • Marc, You caused a sensation with those gorgeous bars. Everyone just loved the dark and milk bars with Tom’s and Liz’s baby photos on them. I must take credit for the concept but you executed it brilliantly. The chocolate was also amazing, just really delicious. Thank you so much for the beautiful packaging and safe delivery and for being so nice to work with. I wish I could throw a baby shower every month—it was so much fun....

    Thanks very much for making the shower memorable and fun. Best, ~B.

    Beverly Savage
  • I called your store yesterday because I was a big fan of Evelyn's. I already received the chocolates I ordered by phone yesterday, and they are adorable!!

    Thanks so much for the quick and very pleasant service.

    Tamara Lubansky New York, Ny
  • Well the chocolate bars were hands down the biggest hit of the party. Everyone was taking photos with them, and thought they were the most unbelievable idea ever. One of the other project managers was like, this is definitely something we will doing again the future. Just wanted to tell you how great they are! Thanks so much!

    Carly New York, Ny
  • I found Lazar's Chocolate accidentally while surfing the web for chocolates years ago. My husband and I were skeptical when we received them but as soon as we tasted them, we quickly realized how delicious these chocolates were! Sure it would be easy to go to a local chocolate company and get your goodies, but when you need to have the BEST, you need Lazar's! I will order from them for all my chocolate needs!

    Kristen Connellsville, Pa
  • Friends of mine from Great Neck brought your chocolates to me when they visited me in CT. I couldn't believe how delicious they were as a savored each piece. I then purchased them for my father in PA who also loves them, so I have sent them repeatedly to him. I select a new assortment each time and keep asking him to tell me his favorites. He just tells me "one is better than the next. I love them all." I guess I'll just believe him and just keep sending him my hand-picked and changing assortment each time. I also sent them to myself and my children for Christmas. We are ALL loving your chocolates. I am sure I will continue to broaden my recipient list. Thanks so much for making the BEST chocolates.

    Mary Ann Connecticut
  • I lived in Great Neck years ago and ate your chocolate every chance I got. My stepfather used to buy my favorite--the dark chocolate almond bark--and hide it in the back of the refrigerator--that way just me and him knew about it--so no one else could eat our favorite treat!

    Bonnie Sadicario Middletown, Ny
  • I've received Lazar's milk chocolate covered graham crackers as a gift a few times now. They are always delivered super quick, very well packaged and always nicely gift wrapped. This last time they even had a cooling block on them (I'm assuming because it was hot that week and so they wouldn't arrive melted)~was pleasantly surprised to find that extra pre-caution was taken. They are sooooo delicious and simply the best I've ever had~well worth the money!

  • I really enjoy your Square 2 Layered Chocolate Truffles. I can't find this anywhere else!!!

    Patricia Fischetti
  • I was very pleased with the entire experience. I brought in a picture with several people in it and left it to Lazar's to cut out the 2 people I wanted on the candy bar wrapper. The sample picture that was emailed to me was a pleasant surprise - I never would have thought to do it the way Lazar's did the photo. I was able to print on the wrapper alot of different wording that was appropriate for the birthday gift. The finished product, with its wrapping and presentation, was beautiful. And as an extra added bonus, the chocolate inside was yummy.

    Lorraine Mazzocchi Bay Terrace
  • I have ordered several gifts for friends from Lazars. When my friends see the box from Lazars, they get excited because they know delightful enjoyment is soon to be experienced. The chocolate is delightfully wonderful, the best in the US. The shipping is on time. The packaging is solid. The wrapping is always beautiful. Keep up the good work. It is always a pleasure ordering from the website...and eating the chocolates. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! Also...if you have a question, call the number and you ACTUALLY get a live-person.

    Belinda Basking Ridge


    Elaine Seaford
  • Went into Bay Terrace yesterday and purchased one pound of the Dark Chocolate Halva Steaks..... Absolutely the best ever. By the time I got home I ate two of them in the car and now have them under lock and key so no one touches them. Will certainly return to purchase again. Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

    Rosemary Kazanjian Bay Terrace
  • The chocolate hockey pucks got to MN on time. They were a big hit! Thank you for the special bar for my client Michele as well as the Precision chocolate bar. What a surprise! Anyway, my contact with the Minnesota Wild was so impressed with the pucks and packaging he asked for your contact info which I am happily going to pass along. I am so glad I found you guys. I hope to work with you again in the near future. Thanks again! Allison

    A. Campbell Va
  • One of our teachers (at the school where I work) bought a platter for us for the holiday and I just had to write and tell you that these chocolates were the most delicious I have ever had, and I have had many famous brands including Godiva. Each one was better than the next and so rich and tasty. I just had to write and let you know. Thanks very much. I don't drive so I can't get to your stores, but I would like to keep your website on my computer and would love to order from you. Thank you again. Toby Incantalupo.

    Toby Incantalupo Woodside New York
  • We moved out here to Broomfield Colorado just about three years ago. There are some things you know will be a loss to you when you decided to change up life after having been in the same place for 25 or so plus years. You know you will miss your family doctor, or the produce market or Milk Barn - where you buy most every thing you need in between big shopping - or even the butcher for that matter. But I was surprised to find out how much I would miss being able to simply stop in and pick up what has clearly become my favorite chocolate - which are your dark chocolate raspberry candies. So I now find myself saving up in my "treats to me" column to this once a year (or sometimes I cheat and make it twice a year treat)- event where I buy 2lbs of these incredible treats and then squirrel them away rather selfishly. I just had to tell you ... Kind regards, C. Thomas

    Christine Thomas Broomfield, Colorado
  • Since moving from New York, one of the things we miss most is Lazar's Chocolate!! So when we planned for my son's Bar-Mitzvah, there was only one place to turn for our party favors!!!! Marc helped us plan THE PERFECT FAVOR for our Yankees crazed son. For the kids, he put together a great combination of a baseball home plate made of chocolate with baseballs with a great sticker with Ben and his Bar-Mitzvah date on it. For the adults, he made huge wish bars with an INCREDIBLE picture of Ben and perfect colors & graphics declaring "The Bronx Bombers celebrate Ben's Bar-Mitzvah" When the boxes arrived, we could not believe it. Everything looked even better than it did in the emails, and the only problem we had, was keeping the kids away from all the boxes (and me!)!!! We even brought an advance secret bar to the Rabbi and he LOVED it. Marc and the gang outdid themselves, and I CAN'T WAIT to see how everyone will enjoy these very special favors!!! Thanks SO Much Marc!!!!!!

    Beth Tornek Schulman Charlotte, North Carolina
  • I order Lazar's chocolates for all major occasions and it is the best chocolate I have ever have. Not only is it delicious, but they have always delivered my order on time. The best is the personalized gift bars that they have made me for my sister's college graduation, my family reunion and my softball team winning our championship. Thanks for everything!!

    Adam Nyc