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Photo of Chanukah Gelt - Bulk

Solid milk chocolate Chanukah gelt festively wrapped in gold foil and printed with iconic images of menorahs, dreidels and six-pointed stars.

A staple item come December, display your Chanukah gelt in a candy dish or glass jar, distribute in clear cellophane bags, utilize as table decoration or pass out by the handful to children on each of the eight nights of the winter holiday. In any case, these delicious bite-sized treats are the perfect way to wish someone you love a very "Happy Chanukah."

Piece size

1 1/2



Kosher-Dairy (repackaged)

This is a "Kosher-Dairy" Certified product. It has been repackaged in our store. Each piece is NOT labeled. Our packaging is NOT labeled. Please call us for more information regarding the manufacturer.


Milk chocolate (sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, soy lecithin; an emulsifier, vanillin; an artificial flavor)

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