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Photo of Chocolate Long Stem Roses (Bouquet)

Edible chocolate roses don't just look good; they taste great too! Each semi-solid milk chocolate rose is elegantly wrapped in fine Italian foil and rests atop a 12" stem adorned with silk leaves. Great for mothers, girlfriends, wives and loved ones, long-stemmed red roses make for a thoughtful gift that lasts far longer than the flowers themselves.

Each bouquet of roses is presented in cellophane and tied with ribbon. No need to wrap, and ready to give to that special someone.

Piece size

1 1/2


Kosher-Dairy (repackaged)

This is a "Kosher-Dairy" Certified product. It has been repackaged in our store. Each piece is NOT labeled. Our packaging is NOT labeled. Please call us for more information regarding the manufacturer.


Milk chocolate (sugar, milk cocoa butter, chocolate, soy lecithin; an emulsifier, vanillin; an artificial flavor)

How Many Roses?

SINGLE ($ 6.00)
THREE ($ 18.00)
SIX ($ 36.00)
1 DOZEN ($ 72.00)

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