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Photo of Chocolate Covered Apricots

Chocolate covered apricots offer a the best of both worlds: our signature milk or dark chocolate punctuated by syrupy inflections of candied fruit. To make these hand-dipped creations, we simply submerge fresh imported apricots into a curtain of milk or dark chocolate. The result, however, is much more refined, calling upon the flavors of the Mediterranean.

15 to 18


Made with Kosher ingredients

This product is made with Kosher ingredients, but is NOT Kosher certified.

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$ 22.50
1/2 Pound
$ 33.75
3/4 Pound
$ 45.00
1 Pound
$ 67.50
1 1/2 Pound
$ 90.00
2 Pound
$ 140.00
3 Pound

Chocolate Type

Milk & Dark Mixed
Milk Only
Dark Only

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