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Photo of Chocolate Raisin Clusters

If you like raisinetes, then you'll love these miniature mounds of plump raisins slathered in our world famous milk or dark chocolate. Delicious alone or as part of an assorted box of our homemade candies. Take a bite, or gobble it down in one fell swoop.



Made with Kosher ingredients

This product is made with Kosher ingredients, but is NOT Kosher certified.

What Size?

$ 20.00
1/2 Pound
$ 30.00
3/4 Pound
$ 40.00
1 Pound
$ 60.00
1 1/2 Pound
$ 80.00
2 Pound
$ 120.00
3 Pound

Chocolate Type

Milk & Dark Mixed
Milk Only
Dark Only

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