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Photo of Chocolate Break Up Chunks

Keep it simple with our no-frills chunks of heavenly white, milk and dark chocolate, better known by loyal customers as "break up." Why? Because just a chunk a day keeps the doctor away. Or something like that.

Pieces per Pound (aprox)



Made with Kosher ingredients

This product is made with Kosher ingredients, but is NOT Kosher certified.

What Size?

$ 15.00
1/2 Pound
$ 30.00
1 Pound
$ 45.00
1 1/2 Pound
$ 60.00
2 Pound
$ 90.00
3 Pound

Chocolate Type

Milk Only
Dark Only
White Only
Milk, Dark & White Mixed
Milk & Dark Mixed
Milk & White Mixed
White & Dark Mixed

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