Why is Chocolate Associated with Easter?

It has become a tradition for most, hiding and finding chocolate eggs every Easter Sunday morning. But why do we associate chocolate with Easter? How and where did this tradition begin?

Before we answer those questions, we must start with Easter’s importance and what it signifies for Christians everywhere. Easter celebrates the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It was believed that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and returned the following Sunday, Easter Sunday.

So, how did eggs become an Easter tradition? Christians believe that eggs are a symbol of rebirth and fertility and that the eggs represent the tomb in which they buried Jesus in.

In ancient times, during Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, eating eggs was not allowed. So, instead of eating them, they would hide them for kids to find and decorate.

As for chocolate eggs and their origins, well, nobody knows why or how they became a tradition, but their origins date back to 1875 when Cadbury changed how they made chocolate by producing hollow chocolate eggs. And in 1905, Cadbury released milk chocolate eggs that we know and love.

How about that Easter Bunny? What role does he play in all of this? Well, baby bunnies are considered a symbol of new life, which correlates with the resurrection of Jesus.

Therefore, the tradition of the Easter Bunny was born. Now kids look forward to finding Easter eggs hidden around their house by this mythical creature.

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