Month: November 2022

How long does chocolate last?

Chocolate is just one of the many ways to celebrate the holidays. And with many holidays each year, there are lots of chocolate left over. You probably still have chocolate from last year hiding in your pantry. With that in mind, how long does chocolate last? Chocolate doesn’t last forever, but it can stay edible… Read more »

Thanksgiving chocolate Great Neck

Are you looking for Thanksgiving Chocolate in Great Neck, New York but need help knowing where to go? Lazar’s chocolate is the place for you. We carry a variety of Fall and Thanksgiving-themed treats that are perfect for feasts of any size. Whether you’re going full out with the family or enjoying a quiet dinner,… Read more »

fall chocolate great neck

Where’s the place to go for fall chocolate in Great Neck, New York? Why Lazar’s Chocolate, of course! We carry a wide selection of chocolates that are perfect for any occasion. We have everything from chocolate-shaped turkeys to foil-wrapped fall-coloured leaves. Come check out our latest Thanksgiving creations.  The holidays are fast approaching, so it’s… Read more »

thanksgiving gifts

If you’re in the market for Thanksgiving gifts for your upcoming feast, there’s only one place you have to see, Lazar’s Chocolates. We carry a variety of fall and Thanksgiving-themed chocolates that are perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an attractive chocolate centerpiece or platters to serve… Read more »