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chocolate shops in wheatly plaza

Discover the ultimate candy haven in Wheatly Plaza at Lazar’s Chocolate, your go-to chocolate shop. Our store boasts a delightful assortment of chocolates and sweets that are sure to please everyone. From classic chocolate bars to meticulously curated assorted chocolates, gummy candies, and sour treats, we have an array of options that will leave you… Read more »

Corporate chocolate gift platters

Corporate chocolate gift platters are a great way to turn any event into fun. Have a monthly meeting that needs excitement? Why not treat your workers to a platter of assorted handmade chocolates? We can guarantee that everyone will show up once they hear the news that there is chocolate waiting for them. Nothing tastes… Read more »

chocolate order online

What can be better than placing a chocolate order online, especially when it’s from your favorite chocolate shop, such as Lazar’s. Not everyone can make it out to our stores. That is why we offer shipping to almost anywhere. Shipping costs vary between location, climates, and seasons. If you live somewhere warm, we add an… Read more »

best chocolate in new york

Who has the best chocolate in New York? Why Lazar’s Chocolate, of course? And what makes us the best? Maybe because we are a fourth generation of chocolatiers and handcraft all our chocolates, or because we create treats for all occasions, including weddings, graduations, religious holidays and much more. Speaking of graduations, it’s nearly that… Read more »

new york chocolate shops

Looking for the best New York chocolate shops, look no further than Lazar’s Chocolates. We offer some of the best handmade sweets there is, from the traditional solid chocolate bar to a wide variety of hand-dipped chocolates. Our chocolates are perfect for any occasion, whether you are celebrating an important milestone or looking for a… Read more »

chocolate covered pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels are the best of both worlds. You get something savory and sweet all in one bite. And at Lazar’s Chocolate, we carry a variety of these treats for you to try. They include milk, dark and white chocolate, cookies and cream, milk chocolate M&M covered, milk chocolate with sprinkles, and milk chocolate with… Read more »

chocolate party bag

A chocolate party bag is a perfect giveaway for any celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, first communion, wedding or baby shower, and more. At Lazar’s, we carry various party bags, and we can create a customized label to say anything you want, at no extra charge. We believe every milestone is worth celebrating. One… Read more »

platter of assorted chocolates

A platter of assorted chocolates is excellent for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a big event, attending as a guest, giving them as a present, or you want to enjoy a mixture of chocolates to yourself. There is no right way to enjoy our delicious handmade chocolates. For as long as anyone can remember, chocolates… Read more »

high school graduation chocolate

Are you looking for high school graduation chocolate for your student to celebrate their big accomplishment? Then Lazar’s Chocolate has you covered? We have an assortment of graduation-themed chocolates that are the perfect way to congratulate them on achieving one of their most significant milestones. Students and graduates aren’t the only ones who deserve chocolate,… Read more »

chocolate easter basket

If you’re looking for the perfect chocolate Easter basket, then Lazar’s chocolate is the sweetest place for you to shop. We carry a variety of Easter-themed treats for everyone on your list just in time for the holidays. Sizes range from small to large and come in the chocolate form or the traditional wicker basket…. Read more »