Month: July 2021

chocolate-covered almonds

Chocolate-covered almonds are the perfect treat for someone who loves a little crunch with their chocolate. These little sweets are available in dark, extra dark, and milk chocolate flavors. And come in as little as a half-pound bag to two-pound bags. So you can have as few or as many handfuls as you’d like. For… Read more »

hand dipped chocolates

If you are looking for delicious hand-dipped chocolates, then Lazar’s is the place to go. We have everything from chocolate nut patties to barks, marshmallows, fruits, and more. There is something for everyone in our hand-dipped section. These chocolates make for a great gift or just something to have around the house as a snack…. Read more »

personalized graduation chocolate bars

At Lazar’s, our personalized graduation chocolate bars are the perfect way to celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments. No matter what level of education they are graduating from, treat them with their customized bar of chocolate, complete with their name on it. These chocolate bars are guaranteed to put a smile on your graduate’s face. If chocolate… Read more »