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2023 Chocolate Trends

Happy 2023 Lazar’s customers. We thank everyone for their support last year and look forward to a brand new year.  Like always, a new year brings about different trends that everyone is eager to try, whether in fashion or fitness. And yes, there are even trends in foods. And because we specialize in chocolate, we’d… Read more »

How long does chocolate last?

Chocolate is just one of the many ways to celebrate the holidays. And with many holidays each year, there are lots of chocolate left over. You probably still have chocolate from last year hiding in your pantry. With that in mind, how long does chocolate last? Chocolate doesn’t last forever, but it can stay edible… Read more »

Does chocolate have a lot of caffeine?

When you are low on energy and need a bit of a boost, some people turn to coffee to give them that pick me up. And others will grab a chocolate bar to power them through. With that in mind, does chocolate have caffeine in it? And if so, how much? Before we get to… Read more »

What Chocolate is Kosher for Passover?

Even if you don’t practice a Kosher diet, you’ve probably heard of Kosher before. But what does Kosher mean? Kosher is a specific type of product that Jewish people are okay to eat. These products are specifically important during Jewish holidays such as Hanukkah and Passover.  Passover celebrates the Jewish people’s liberation from slavery during… Read more »

what is chocolate bloom?

Have you ever noticed an unusual coating on your chocolate? While it may look like it’s gone bad, it’s a common occurrence that happens when chocolate has been exposed to warm temperatures and moisture. Chocolate experts call this chocolate blooming, and it can happen to any type of chocolate. There are two types of chocolate… Read more »

Why do we eat candy and chocolate on Halloween?

Halloween is every kid’s or kid at heart’s favorite time of year. Who doesn’t like decorating, candy, chocolate, and all things spooky? We all know that the Halloween tradition is. But we never really think about why we eat candy and chocolate on October 31st.  Celtics celebrated a tradition called Samhain, which is said to… Read more »

Can I store chocolate in the fridge?

While it may make sense to store chocolate in the fridge, especially in warmer climates, it can do more harm than good. Despite what we’ve been told, you should not store chocolate in the fridge as it can absorb all the smells of the refrigerator, which can impact the taste, especially if you have foods… Read more »

Why Was Chocolate Only for the Rich?

Chocolate is a treat that many of us have come to enjoy. We bake with it, give it away as a gift or party favor or eat it the way it is. Everything seems better when chocolate is involved. But did you know that not everyone could enjoy it? A long time ago, this sweet… Read more »

Why is Chocolate Associated with Easter?

It has become a tradition for most, hiding and finding chocolate eggs every Easter Sunday morning. But why do we associate chocolate with Easter? How and where did this tradition begin? Before we answer those questions, we must start with Easter’s importance and what it signifies for Christians everywhere. Easter celebrates the rebirth of Jesus… Read more »

Understanding Chocolate Percentages

When shopping for chocolate, you may have noticed the different percentages on the labels, but what do these numbers mean? Well, these numbers indicate how much cocoa beans go into the chocolate. The percentage number indicates how much cocoa goes into it and how it will taste. For example, dark chocolate bars contain anywhere from… Read more »