Month: April 2021

mother’s day chocolate

It’s that time of year, time to give some Mother’s Day chocolate to that very special woman or woman in your life, whether you’re buying for your wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, or any other mother figure. At Lazar’s, we have many sweet treats they will surely enjoy.  As chocolate experts, we look forward to… Read more »

Why is Chocolate Associated with Easter?

It has become a tradition for most, hiding and finding chocolate eggs every Easter Sunday morning. But why do we associate chocolate with Easter? How and where did this tradition begin? Before we answer those questions, we must start with Easter’s importance and what it signifies for Christians everywhere. Easter celebrates the rebirth of Jesus… Read more »

passover chocolate bars

If you’re looking for high-quality Passover chocolate bars, then Lazar’s is the place for you. These products are made with Kosher products and are available in various options such as 5-ounce chocolate bars, chocolate-covered macaroons, Passover frogs, and much more. We have something for everyone. Celebrate your Passover with chocolates from Lazars. Equality is important… Read more »