Month: July 2020

high cocoa content dark chocolate

If high cocoa content dark chocolate is your thing, then Lazar’s Chocolate is the place for you. We carry various products containing chocolate with as much as 85% dark chocolate, and all of our products are handcrafted with care. These products range from chocolate-covered fruit and nuts to solid chocolate hearts and bars. At Lazar’s,… Read more »

buy gourmet chocolate

If you are looking for a place to buy gourmet chocolate, then Lazar’s is the perfect place for you, all of our delicious chocolates are handcrafted with care and kosher free. As a fourth-generation family of chocolatiers, we take chocolate seriously. One bite of our products, and you won’t want to go anywhere else. We… Read more »

personalized chocolate wedding favors

If you’re looking for personalized chocolate wedding favors then look to the experts at Lazar’s Chocolates. All of our products are handmade with care, and our chocolate favors come elegantly wrapped in a box that can be customized for your wedding colors. Trust the chocolate experts to deliver you quality favors for your wedding guests…. Read more »

gourmet chocolate truffle

Are you thinking about trying a gourmet chocolate truffle? Then do we have a selection for you, we carry eight different types of delicious handmade chocolate truffles for you and your family to try? Our chocolates come in milk and dark chocolate and made with kosher ingredients. A truffle is a type of chocolate that… Read more »