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great neck chocolate

At Lazar’s, our Great Neck chocolate shop location is just one of the ways to get your hands on our delicious handmade treats. So, if you’re in the area, drop-in, say hi, and take a look and what we have created. We are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Best of all, our shops are run… Read more »

new york chocolate

We strive to be the best store to buy New York chocolate at Lazar’s. All of our products are handcrafted by a fourth-generation family of chocolatiers. There is something for everyone at our stores, from milk chocolates to dark chocolates and everything in between. We also carry products for all types of holidays. Our chocolates,… Read more »

bunny gift bag

A bunny gift bag is an adorable way to celebrate Easter. These handcrafted Easter treats are available in milk or dark chocolate. Give one away to your loved one, friend, coworker, or pick one up for yourself. You get the best of both, a chocolate bunny and brightly wrapped chocolate eggs in this set. At… Read more »

party and wedding favors

Party and wedding favors have become a staple for significant events. Such as birthday parties, graduation parties, showers, and of course, weddings. And at Lazar’s Chocolates, we have a variety of favors for you to choose from, such as cellophane bags with foil-wrapped chocolates, chocolate and party bags, chocolate-covered popcorn, and more. We have you… Read more »

Chocolate storage: How long does it last?

When it comes to storing chocolate, the general rule is not to keep it in the fridge. Unless necessary, like on a hot day. If you have to store chocolate in the refrigerator, be sure to seal it in an airtight container to avoid the chocolate from absorbing the smells and flavors around it. You… Read more »

Happy New Year

Lazar’s Chocolate would like to wish a very Happy New Year to our Jewish customers. To help them celebrate the occasion, we have created a variety of New Year’s themed chocolates that everyone will enjoy, whether you are giving them as a gift or bringing them to the table for a party. If you are… Read more »

chocolate-covered almonds

Chocolate-covered almonds are the perfect treat for someone who loves a little crunch with their chocolate. These little sweets are available in dark, extra dark, and milk chocolate flavors. And come in as little as a half-pound bag to two-pound bags. So you can have as few or as many handfuls as you’d like. For… Read more »

graduation chocolate

It’s that time of year again, time for graduation chocolate to celebrate your kids’ greatest accomplishments. Whether they’re graduating from elementary school, high school, college, or university, chocolate is one of the many ways you can show them how proud you are. And at Lazar’s Chocolates, we have many treats for your graduate. Chocolates have… Read more »

Why Chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is that time of year when we celebrate how much we love and care for those close to us, whether they are a spouse, partner, child, or friend. A few popular items that we give away are flowers, candies, and chocolates. But have you ever wondered why chocolate? How did this tradition start?… Read more »

christmas chocolate

If you are looking to add a little cheer, consider Christmas chocolate from Lazar’s. We carry various sweet treats that everyone, even the big guy himself, will love, from chocolate shaped presents to chocolate stars and everything in between. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.  The holiday season is the time for indulgence, and… Read more »