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Chocolate thanksgiving gifts

It’s not too late to purchase your chocolate Thanksgiving gifts. And at Lazar’s, we carry a variety of Thanksgiving treats that will surely be the topic of the dinner conversation, especially if you pick up one of our giant turkey centerpieces. What can be better than two types of turkeys on the dinner table?  Are… Read more »

fall chocolate great neck

Where’s the place to go for fall chocolate in Great Neck, New York? Why Lazar’s Chocolate, of course! We carry a wide selection of chocolates that are perfect for any occasion. We have everything from chocolate-shaped turkeys to foil-wrapped fall-coloured leaves. Come check out our latest Thanksgiving creations.  The holidays are fast approaching, so it’s… Read more »

thanksgiving gifts

If you’re in the market for Thanksgiving gifts for your upcoming feast, there’s only one place you have to see, Lazar’s Chocolates. We carry a variety of fall and Thanksgiving-themed chocolates that are perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an attractive chocolate centerpiece or platters to serve… Read more »

halloween chocolate new york

Are you ready for some Halloween chocolate in New York? Because Lazar’s Chocolate is. We have all kinds of Halloween treats to get you into the spooky season. These treats are perfect for handing out to trick-or-treaters or as a treat for friends, coworkers, or family. From Halloween-themed chocolates to traditional candy corn, there is… Read more »

Why is Chocolate Important to the Jewish Community?

Chocolate has been a favorite of many people for as long as it’s been around. We enjoy it on Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, and many more special occasions. But did you know that chocolate means much more to the Jewish community? During the early 1600 and 1700s, chocolate was a drink created by the Jewish… Read more »

Wheatly Plaza chocolate shops

When looking into Wheatly Plaza chocolate shops, Lazar’s Chocolate is your candy store. We carry a variety of chocolates and sweets everyone will enjoy. We have everything from your traditional chocolate bars to hand-picked assorted chocolates and assorted gummy and sour candies. You won’t be disappointed when you visit our stores. If you can’t make… Read more »

NY chocolate shops

One place should come to mind when you think of NY chocolate shops. Lazar’s Chocolate. We are a fourth-generation family of chocolatiers with stores located in Great Neck and Greenvale. And if you can’t make it out to one of those locations, we also offer to ship to almost anywhere. Shipping costs vary between destinations… Read more »

Best chocolate shops in Great Neck New York

Who has the best chocolate shops in Great Neck, New York? Why Lazar’s Chocolate, of course. And who is Lazar’s Chocolate? We are a fourth-generation family of chocolatiers who take pride in the delicious treats we create. Our handcrafted chocolates are world famous and can be found in two of our locations: Great Neck, New… Read more »

Great Neck chocolate shops

Looking for Great Neck chocolate shops, look no further than Lazar’s Chocolate. We carry a wide variety of chocolates and sweets that everyone will love, from your classic solid chocolate bars to chocolate-covered everything. Stop by our shop, and we guarantee you’ll find it hard to choose just one thing.  At Lazar’s, we love the… Read more »

Chocolate graduation gift baskets

Our chocolate graduation gift baskets are the perfect way to congratulate your student on their hard work, no matter the school level, whether elementary, high school, college, or university. We carry a variety of gift baskets, from fancy gift baskets to our platter-style baskets. There is something for everyone here at Lazar’s.  Are you planning… Read more »