Understanding Chocolate Percentages

When shopping for chocolate, you may have noticed the different percentages on the labels, but what do these numbers mean? Well, these numbers indicate how much cocoa beans go into the chocolate. The percentage number indicates how much cocoa goes into it and how it will taste.

For example, dark chocolate bars contain anywhere from 55% to 90% cocoa, giving them a somewhat bitter, although still edible taste. Milk chocolate contains 35% cocoa, making it sweeter tasting chocolate and the most popular consumed chocolates.

Is there 100% cocoa? Well, yes. But it’s more commonly used in baking cakes and brownies where sugar is added because on it’s own, the taste is quite bitter.

At Lazar’s, our dark chocolate bars range from 60% to 80%

But don’t let the high cocoa content of dark chocolate deter you from consuming it. A high-quality dark chocolate bar or other product, such as ones you would find at Lazar’s, are actually quite tasty.

They also have added health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, improving brain function, antioxidants, and many more.

At Lazar’s, we carry an assortment of chocolate products ranging from milk chocolate to very dark chocolate. These include chocolate-covered nuts and candies to chocolate bars and boxes of assorted chocolates.

We also carry products for those with dietary restrictions such as nut and milk allergies, diabetes, and kosher, because we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy a sweet treat now and then.

With the holidays approaching, consider checking out our holiday catalog. Right now, we have our Christmas and Chanukah treats available for purchase. These holiday treats make for great centerpieces or to give away as a gift.

If you are in the Greenvale or Great Neck area, stop by and check out our many goodies, or check us out online. We ship to almost anywhere.

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