Fun Facts About Chocolate

Millions of people everywhere enjoy it in many different ways. You can eat it, drink it and bake with it. What are we talking about, why chocolate, of course. 

Chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the world; according to the World Cocoa Foundation, more than three million tons of cocoa beans are consumed a year.  

But that’s not the only interesting fact about everyone’s favorite food, here are a few more sweet chocolate facts.

Did you know that cocoa beans come from a type of tree, a fruit tree, to be exact? It’s true; these trees are called Theobroma cacao. Cacao trees are native to the Amazon, but can also be found in South Asia. West Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil make up for 79 percent of the world’s cacao production.  

Cacao fruit trees grow papaya sized fruit, and inside these fruits contain about 50 beans. Once these fruits are cut down and harvested, they are fermented for seven days and sent to a chocolate factory for processing. 

There are three types of chocolate, dark, milk, and white.

Dark chocolate has some added health benefits:

  1. Lowering the risk of heart disease
  2. Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure
  3. Improved brain function
  4. Source of antioxidants 
  5. Lowers Cholesterol 
  6. Protects skin from the sun

Chocolate has been around for a long time; scientists are not sure exactly how long chocolate has been around for, but they estimate it dates back 2,000 years. And it was initially consumed as a drink.

It was not changed into a solid form until 1815 when Dutch physicist Coenraad Van Houten experimented with cocoa butter.

In the year 1900, Milton S. Hershey mass-produced the chocolate kisses we all know and love today. 

Global warming will affect chocolate production; an increase in temperature means less rainfall and lower humidity rates for cacao-producing countries. 

However, farmers and scientists are working together to find ways to maintain chocolate production. Such as planting taller trees next to cacao trees, which will provide them with shade and moisture. 

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