Why Was Chocolate Only for the Rich?

Chocolate is a treat that many of us have come to enjoy. We bake with it, give it away as a gift or party favor or eat it the way it is. Everything seems better when chocolate is involved. But did you know that not everyone could enjoy it? A long time ago, this sweet treat was meant for the rich.

The origins of chocolate are traced back to 450 BC and were served as a drink. Those who drank it believed that the chocolate drink would give them strength. As time went on, we learned how to turn chocolate from a liquid into the solid we know and love. 

So why was it that at one point, only the rich could enjoy this tasty treat? 

As we know, chocolate has two primary ingredients cacao and sugar. And in the early 15th century, the Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency. They would even use it to pay taxes or offerings to gods. 

In 1528, chocolate found its way to Spain, where it became popular with the rich. By the 1600s, chocolate was introduced to Europe. 

Chocolate continued to be enjoyed by Europe’s wealthy and upper classes as they consumed it for the added health benefits, adding to its popularity. And because it became so popular, European Colonists created plantations in regions where cacao was grown. When diseases struck, affecting the labourers, slaves were imported to the Americas to work on farms. 

Chocolate came to America in 1641, then in 1682, Boston opened the first chocolate house. Because of this, American’s of all classes were able to enjoy it. 

American soldiers were given chocolate as a ration during The Revolutionary War, and it was often given to them as payment. 

Supply and demand problems were one of the contributing factors to the cost of chocolate. Creating chocolate was another issue as it was made by hand before the invention of the chocolate press in 1828. 

After the invention of the chocolate press, producing chocolate became less expensive, and soon everyone, regardless of class, could enjoy it. 

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